Lady Gaga Traditional Art #44 - Judas Painting

These first two pieces are created by crazyluh on DeviantArt. It's from the Judas video, and it's incredible!

Lady Gaga Traditional Art #45 - 88 Pearls

This one was also created by crazyluh, and it's the 88 pearls look Gaga was after.

Lady Gaga Traditional Art #46 - Born This Way Photoshoot

These next three pieces are from Twisted-Noir on Deviantart. All three are from the Born This Way photoshoot.

Lady Gaga Traditional Art #47 - Born This Way Photoshoot

Lady Gaga Traditional Art #48 - Born This Way Photoshoot


Lady Gaga Single Cover #1 - Marry The Night

A new thing we're trying is Single covers. Here's the first for Marry The Night.

Lady Gaga Single Cover #2 - Scheiße

A Scheiße cover this time!

Lady Gaga Single Cover #3 - Bad Kids

Bad Kids using one of her earlier photoshoots

Lady Gaga Single Cover #4 - Americano

Americano cover

Lady Gaga Single Cover #5 - Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary Single cover

Lady Gaga Single Cover #6 - Born This Way

And a Born This Way single cover.


Lady Gaga Animation #2 - Puke Film

Something new I've been trying is gifs on Photoshop. I've now put them as Animations so they have a proper category! This one is of the Puke film in the Monster Ball Tour.

Lady Gaga Animation #3 - Eating Paper

This is Gaga eating Letterman's notes!

Lady Gaga Animation #4 - Lips

I love this facial expression!

Lady Gaga Animation #5 - Judas

Some repetitiveness in Judas

Lady Gaga Animation #6 - Grammys

Hair whipping at the Grammys!

Okay, just noticed these don't work on here. But once I've put them onto DeviantArt, check them out there. Then they'll work!


Lady Gaga Doodle #39 - Telephone

Doodles are self-explanatary, so these messages aren't need. ;D

Lady Gaga Doodle #40 - Summer Fun

Lady Gaga Doodle #41 - Storm

Lady Gaga Doodle #42 - Japanese

Lady Gaga Doodle #43 - Psychic

Lady Gaga Doodle #44 - Studying

Lady Gaga Doodle #45 - Living Dress

Lady Gaga Doodle #46 - Light Saber

Lady Gaga Doodle #47 - Ice Cream

Lady Gaga Doodle #48 - Homework

Lady Gaga Doodle #49 - Egg Drop

Lady Gaga Doodle #50 - Chicken

Lady Gaga Doodle #51 - Chemistry

Lady Gaga Doodle #52 - Hose


Lady Gaga Chibi #46 - EoG American Idol

Gaga singing Edge of Glory on American Idol

Lady Gaga Chibi #47 - Financial Times

Not a very good chibi of gaga at the financial times interview

Lady Gaga Chibi #48 - Outside Graham Norton

Chibi of Gaga outside the Graham Norton Show.

Lady Gaga Chibi #49 - Judas Blue Outfit

Chibi from the Judas video.

Lady Gaga Chibi #50 - Judas Red Outfit

Dance scene from the Judas video.


Lady Gaga Image Manip #23 - The Queen Wallpaper

All wallpapers (unless stated) were made by me. Here's the first, The Queen.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #24 - Born This Way Wallpaper

And another, this time Born This Way.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #25 - Edge of Glory Wallpaper

Edge of Glory using the Remix Pictures

Lady Gaga Image Manip #26 - ID Shoot Wallpaper

ID Photoshoot images.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #27 - Judas Wallpaper

Wallpaper using promo shots from Judas

Lady Gaga Image Manip #28 - Judas Remix Wallpaper

Judas Remix wallpaper using the newest photo from the Judas video

Lady Gaga Image Manip #29 - Government Hooker Wallpaper

Government Hooker wallpaper from her debut on the Mugler fashion show.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #30 - Edge of Glory Wallpaper

Edge of Glory wallpaper from the single cover photo.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #31 - Hair Wallpaper

Hair wallpaper from the V Magazine Asia photoshoot.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #32 - Liquorville


Lady Gaga Image Manip #33 - Gaga in Wonderland

Created by HOGArts on Deviantart.

Lady Gaga Image Manip #34 - Bloody Mary

Created by SMPuchii on DeviantArt.


Lady Gaga Sprite #46 - SNL Ad

Just like to begin by saying thank you all for a successful year at LMGA, and let's make it another one! This first sprite is made by our honourary member Kyle! It's from the advert for SNL.

Lady Gaga Sprite #47 - Just Dance

This was again made by Kyle, because we were missing a Just Dance sprite!

Lady Gaga Sprite #48 - Mugler Outfit

Made by Sarah, one of Gaga's famous outfits back in the days of the Fame!

Lady Gaga Sprite #49 - Fame Ball

And another from Sarah, Gaga at the Fame Ball Tour, with Disco Stick!

Lady Gaga Sprite #50 - Born This Way Album Cover

Ah, one from me now! Inspired by Gaga's album cover for Born This Way!

Lady Gaga Sprite #51 - Judas Red Dance

This is from Sarah too, in the Judas video the dance scene where she's dressed in red and has crosses on her boobs!

Lady Gaga Sprite #52 - Born This Way Zombie

Joint effort by Me and Kyle, the scene where Gaga's with Rick Genest in Born This Way.

Lady Gaga Sprite #53 - Paparazzi Mickey Mouse

From Kyle again, this time it's Paparazzi and the mickey mouse scene where she kills her boyfriend.

Lady Gaga Sprite #54 - Egyptian

One by me, this is during the original Monster Ball Tour where she wore an egyptian-themed outfit!

Lady Gaga Sprite #55 - Monster Ball Tour Bad Romance

One by Sarah, Bad Romance during the original Monster Ball Tour.

Lady Gaga Sprite #56 - Financial Times

Another one by me, a Mugshot of the financial times interview with Stephen fry!

Lady Gaga Sprite #57 - Financial Times

And look at that, I also made a matching sprite!

Lady Gaga Sprite #58 - Born This Way Single Cover

Yet another by me, a mugshot of the Born This Way single cover.

Lady Gaga Sprite #59 - Bad Romance

Some more by me. These are known as "overworlds", and these are set from Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga Sprite #60 - Telephone

And some more overworlds. These were also a joint effort by Me and Kyle. These are from the Telephone video!

Lady Gaga Sprite #61 - Monster Ball Tour

All of these were done by me again, and they are from the Monster Ball Tour!